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These are advanced examinations so we expect students to come in at C1, C2 or even a high B2. Once you enrol a mock exam will be assigned to you. This result will indicate what areas you’re weak or good at. 

Lessons are 60 minutes (1 hour long). This depends on you and the instructor. Our instructor is usually very relaxed about this and often teach over an hour, at no cost to the student! 

Classes are taught via Zoom or Skype. 

No. Your instructor will be assigned to you. 

We guarantee that you’ll know everything about these exams. However, your assignments throughout the course as well as the final mock test will give us an indication of what kind of score you are likely to get. 

The Secret to Exam Success

Every student is different and everyone absorbs information differently. However, to pass the exams ALL students have to be: 

  • Committed (If your head is not in it, you’re wasting your money)
  • Teachable (There is a reason you chose our academy. Let us do our job and coach you to success)
  • Disciplined (Complete all assignments on time. Be punctual for lessons. Take advantage of free resources)
  • Focused (When you stay focused on your lessons, your end result might surprise you)

How Can I Improve My English?

Most students want to be able to speak more fluently and be able to communicate in a clear way. There is no fast track to fluency, however, practice is key. 



Our business English courses starts at Intermediate (B1) levels. 

Before you start, you can tell us what your job is and what kind of company you work for. We will tailor your course so that the content will be mainly focused on your job requirements.

Lessons are 50 minutes long. The final 10 minutes are for student evaluations and feedback from our instructors. If a lesson goes over 50 minutes, this is not a problem and no cost to the student!

Classes are taught via Zoom or Skype.