business english courses

What Clients Can Expect

Our approach is to use core books that we find relevant, communicative and effective. However, we also add tailored content to suit the client needs, job requirements and industry. The demand for workplace English is growing and general business communications simply is not enough for professionals to thrive in their positions and careers. Thus, we take the time to understand what your needs are and combine those with our core text books, ensuring that you get the best value out of your lessons. 

Classes are mainly 1-on-1, however we can also accommodate up to 4 students per class. Our lessons are 50 minutes long and individual feedback and reports are always provided after each lesson. Students can expect regular weekly homework assignments, which will help strengthen their English. They are also encouraged to access our free student resources to help them along their journey. Business English courses start at intermediate levels (B1)


An advanced course for learners in all industries. Designed for ESL students and is focused on advanced grammar and understanding of business English.

This book will help students gain confidence and improve their business English speaking abilities.

It includes advanced grammar and idiomatic expressions as well as lessons on business etiquette and cultural differences. 


“Business one:one” is the perfect text for the student with some experience using English for business, but who want to be more fluent and natural.

It provides key vocabulary, phrases and grammar for specific speaking and writing skills. 

The book is designed for private lessons, but it could also be used for group lessons without much difficulty.


An intermediate course for adult learners in the technical, industrial, and scientific sectors, who need English for everyday communication at work

  • Simple, needs-related grammar presented on a need-to-know basis for immediate communication
  • Vocabulary relevant to practical work situations
  • Short, interactive speaking tasks enable learners to use new language in hands-on contexts such as explaining purpose and giving instructions
  • Real help in telephoning, socializing, and reading technical information